We Don't Believe in Waiting

Do you have an idea you want to turn into reality?

Evendis is a software development company based in Singapore. We build applications for the modern internet—wired, wireless, and mobile—that help businesses and individuals do amazing things today with the technology of tomorrow.

We specialise in putting together high-performance teams to work with clients and turn ideas into reality. Get us involved at the concept stage, or bring us in later to beef up delivery capability. We can work on-premise or remote, and have particular experience in delivering for US clients.

Contact us at info@evendis.com and we'll be happy to discuss how we can help you.

Five themes that guide our work

  • Mobile is Mainstream
  • Everything is Social
  • Cloud Computing for Agility
  • Data-intensive
  • Openness and Standards

Are you a freelance developer or designer?

We are always looking for good designers and developers focused on web or mobile applications to work on our projects. Good people often value their independance and like the freelance lifestyle - but usually hate the process of pitching for new work, and often miss the opportunity to work in larger teams. If that sounds like you, drop us an email at iamninja@evendis.com to get on our roster for upcoming projects.

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